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NASA's Space Telescope Provides Stunning Images


amazing pictures of The "Star Nursery" and "Cosmic Dance" were acquired by NASA's $10 billion space telescope.

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Two images and other images was presented to the world on Tuesday. To show the readiness of the James Webb Observatory to begin scientific operations.It has been 6 months since the factory started testing.Webb is seen as the successor to the famous Hubble Telescope. Webb is expected to be a key force in discovery for at least the next 20 years. The new observatory is a joint program between the US, European and Canadian space agencies, led by NASA.

Webb is specially tuned to see the sky in infrared. which is a light that has a wavelength longer than what we can feel with the naked eye This will allow a deeper look into the universe than its predecessor. and hence It can detect events that go back in time more than 13.5 billion years ago.Astronomers will use advanced technology to study the atmospheres of planets in our Milky Way Galaxy in hopes of detecting signs of life

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