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China's Xi in Xinjiang signaled no change in Uighur policy.


Chinese President Xi Jinping visits Xinjiang this week. His government has been widely accused of oppressing the Muslim-majority minority. There was no sign of support for a policy that was under intense criticism from the US. and many European countries official Xinhua news agency Said on Friday that Xi stressed the full and honest implementation of the guidelines of the Communist Party that governs the region.

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Emphasis is placed on social security and sustainable security as an overarching goal.under his leadership Authorities have carried out widespread crackdowns on Uighur and Kazakh communities in Xinjiang. After an explosion of separatist violence Although the exact numbers have not been disclosed. But analysts say hundreds of thousands and more than a million are likely to be in custody over time.

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ดูในรูปแบบกติ: China's Xi in Xinjiang signaled no change in Uighur policy.