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He Also Learned Chinese to Image Manipulation Service

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Under the loose strategy of encouraging financial technology innovation, the Chinese government has not set any special restrictions on the types of goods, insurance amounts and insurance premiums that insurance companies can sell. Special laws or clear regulations, only limited special insurance types in negative lists cannot be insured online. stock-photo-beijing-city-china-may-chine Photo Credit: Shutter Stock Popularity of digital services in China The competition in China's online insurance market is quite fierce. Not only insurance companies sell insurance through the Internet in large numbers, but other industry players are also competing to enter.

But on the contrary, the lack of perfect regulations has also caused a lot of chaos in insurance, such Image Manipulation Service as the launch of "Mid-Autumn Moon Appreciation Insurance", "Smog Insurance", etc., and even products that do. not conform to. the spirit of insurance, such as "Luhan Love Insurance" (as long as The male star Lu Han did not break up with his girlfriend, that is, claims), "World Cup Regret Insurance", etc., have lost the risk sharing. . . . purpose of insurance, which is not in line with the nature of insurance, but has become a fund-raising and gambling tool for unscrupulous businessmen.Chinese insurance companies have launched many innovative insurances through online platforms, which are based on supporting actions to pay premiums. . and provide more convenient payment channels.
At the same time, due to the implementation of the "mobile phone real-name registration system" and the application of face recognition technology, online insurance is solved. remote authentication problem. How to keep insurance innovation under clear regulations without stifling insurance innovation, these practices and reflections are worthy of Taiwan's reference. stock-photo-singapore-parlament-july-sin Photo Credit: Shutter Stock singapore parliament Singapore, which is close to Taiwan, is led by the government, which encourages financial innovation through the supervision sandbox.

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