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Fresh calls for skateboard park in town

Fresh calls for skateboard park in town

Skateboarders in Portrush have renewed their calls to the local council for a skate park in the town.

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They have been campaigning for a purpose-built urban sports park for almost 30 years.

Earlier this year, Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council unanimously supported leasing land in the town for the development of a purpose-built urban park.

That is understood to be progressing through the council.

Stuart Cullen owns a skate shop in the County Antrim town and said skating is "part of the fabric" of the north coast.

"I sat on a council committee 24 years ago, where we thought we were about to have a skate park. Twenty-four years later, we're still trying to get one."

Stuart said insurance was a problem in the past "but those problems don't exist anymore".

Young people can be seen skating, cycling BMX bicycles or using scooters outside the town's train station every week.

The Causeway Association of Urban Sports (CAUS) was established 13 years ago and has been calling for a skate park ever since.

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